Lindy Hop Workshop mit Ruth & Mike (US)

Samstag 16. und Sonntag 17. November 2019 13 - 18.30 Uhr

A Weekend with the two charismatic teachers Ruth & Mike from the US. We will dive into regular Lindy Hop and also into how to dance really slow with style!




13 - 15 Lindy Hop Intermediate

15 - 15.30 Practice

16 - 18 Slow Lindy

18 - 18.30 Practice


13 - 15 Lindy Hop Intermediate

15 - 15.30 Practice

16 - 18 Savoy Walks

18 - 18.30 Practice




Ganzes Wochenende (8 Std): 100.- reg / 80.- stud, kulturlegi, arbeitslos

Nur Samstag (4 Std): 80.- / 70.-

Nur Sonntag (4 Std): 70.- / 60.-

Nur Lindy Hop (4 Std): 80.- / 70.-

Nur Slow Lindy / Savoy Walks (4 Std): 80.- / 70.-

Nur 1 Block (2 Std): 60.- / 50.-




The Rhythm Rebels Swing Dance Studio, Aarbergergasse 40, 3011 Bern


About Ruth & Mike

Photo credit – Braden Nesin Photography

After taking Lindy classes from Ruth and Mike, students across continents are often heard to exclaim, “Why haven’t I taken classes from you before now?!” Ruth and Mike teach with a subtle blend of technical detail and silly fun that keeps people interested and pushes their dancing to new heights. Ruth and Mike are passionate about helping students connect with both the technical and artistic aspects of Lindy Hop. They want students to find their own style while staying true to the core of dance.

Ruth and Mike bring a potent and diverse combination of skills to their teaching. Both of them possess deep anatomical knowledge that they use to make technical movement details very accessible, helping students access ease and comfort in their bodies. Ruth has two certifications in the Franklin Method, an internationally recognized body efficiency modality. They use their backgrounds as musicians to help people connect to music on a deeper level.


Between the two of them, Ruth and Mike have taught not only Lindy Hop and other swing dances but also Argentine Tango, vintage Blues dances, lyrical dance, vintage ballroom dances, and much more. They care about pushing Lindy Hop forward as a living art form as well as staying strongly rooted in the origins of the dance. To this end, they scrutinize old video clips (Sandra Gibson, Al Minns, and Earl “Snake Hips” Tucker are current favorites) as well as studying current dance forms in the African diaspora (West African dances from Senegal, Mali, and Benin, Twerking, Dancehall, Urban Ballroom and more).

When they are not dancing, Ruth and Mike both love carrot juice, smoky Scotch whisky, and philosophical discussions. Since they started traveling and teaching together, Ruth has started using the Oxford comma, and all of Mike’s electronic devices are from Apple. They work on dance obsesssively and have been known to swing out in the aisles of moving trains while traversing the French countryside. Check out,, and


The Rhythm Rebels

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